Went to the London Temple yesterday, and on the trip down I decided to see what else I could get on my radio, with some interesting results.

To me there’s basically two types of radio programme: music and talk. In theory, you could have an entertainment programme (like on TV), but the only example I could think of was The Archers and isn’t that basically a soap? Anyway, the radio stations (FM ,for some reason all AM reception in my car is atrocious!) available where I live are:

BBC Radio 1 – Music station. Mostly chart by day, indie by night.

BBC Radio 2 – Music/Talk station. Music is typically the easy listening side of the chart (and during the day suffers heavily from the “play it ’till you like it” phenomenon – not as bad as Chiltern though!). Talk is typically current national affairs.

BBC Radio 3 – Music Station. Mostly classical music/world music as far as I can tell.

BBC Radio 4 – Talk station. Home of The Archers 😉 . The closest a radio station gets to being like a TV channel.

Chiltern FM – Local GCap (GWR/Capital) music station. Strictly pop chart (and selected 80’s/90’s)and pretty much invented “play it ’till you like it”.

Classic FM – Music station. Does what it says on the tin. 🙂 Incidentally, also a GCap station

BBC 3 Counties – Music/Talk station. The local BBC station. To me it’s much like Radio 2, except the talk is about local stuff that I don’t generally care about.

and that’s it. So the question is, what do I listen to?

First thing’s first – no Chiltern. Ever. Chiltern is officially banned from my car! It’s seriously mind-numbing stuff, especially as they play the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And then once more in case you didn’t hear it the last 50 times!

This is the deal-breaker for Radio 2 for me as well. Plus that and the presenters try to make everything sound so shocking or incredible or something. Almost in the tabloid stylee. That rules out 3 Counties also.

You’d think that being someone who grew up playing classical music (and immensely enjoyed doing it) that I’d quite like listening to it. Well, not really. It’s not that I don’t like it (except opera, but that’s another post), it’s just that it doesn’t grab me. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m playing that I enjoy more than what it is that I’m playing. I can listen to it and enjoy it – but not for extended periods.

So we’re left with Radio 1 and Radio 4. Traditionally, I’ve kept Radio 1 on, mostly because there is actually a chance that they’ll play a song I really like, and because I couldn’t be bothered to change channel. I’m pretty sick of it now though. To be honest, the presenters are quite vulgar a lot of the time and it grates me.

Radio 4 is interesting enough, unless the presenters are utterly boring (I don’t know what it is about Radio 4, but they seem to like having people on who have no character whatsoever!). The downside being there’s no music to speak of.

The verdict: I’m going to be doing a lot more channel hopping from now on!