Sort of. Saw this on the blog of Miss Nemesis and thought I’d try it for a laugh. A couple of interesting results. To play along open google and search for “[your name] needs” i.e. I searched for “fraggle needs”. Although if I understand correctly, this was apparently the cool thing to do last year, so it’s about the right time for me then…
So, Mr. Letterman, the top 10 please:

10. Fraggle needs a sig and a avatar [not true – i have both!]

9. Fraggle needs to turn his phone on [I can understand the confusion here, most places where I am have awful reception, which can often lead to missed calls and general frustration… No, I can’t do it. I can’t blame the lack of phone calls on my phone… 😦 ]

8. Fraggle needs to grow up [again?]

7. Fraggle needs a penis enlarger [??? – what the…? who writes this?]

6. Fraggle needs your help to make him #1 returning Search result for goatse [erm…erm….you can if you want, not that I’m sure what it’ll do for me…]

5. Fraggle needs, but now you’ve GONE [emphasis in original (which has some crudity on the end, but this way’s much more interesting) – no awards for eloquence, but there is a kernel of truth there]

4. Fraggle needs ***LaserShow (One of a kind … be surprised) [Consider me surprised]

3. Fraggle needs to finish school soon [yeah, this school of hard knocks thing stinks!]

2. Fraggle needs a ride from calgary [but I’m not sure where to…]

and at number 1…

Fraggle needs help [you can’t make this stuff up folks….clean, concise and deathly accurate]

Let the pointing and hooting begin!