Today I completed reading The Book of Mormon (and with 2 weeks to spare! šŸ™‚ ). While I was reading Ether 11, I came across something that I’d noticed once before – Ether’s royal connections.

Ether’s grandfather was Moron (poor guy!) who just happened to be the king until he was overthrown. This isn’t exactly unusual in the book of Ether, the kingdom was always being thrown back and forth between someone or other. What is interesting is that the royal family (Ether’s ancestors) had had such problems before, but even if the deposed king hadn’t recovered the kingdom himself, one of his descendants always did. This raises the question of Ether’s upbringing. Was there a hope amongst his family that he would reclaim the throne? Had others in the family tried and failed? And given the circumstances, is it any surprise that Coriantumr didn’t want to listen to a member of the ‘true’ royal family? Especially as the descendants had always proved dangerous before.
In any case, I find it interesting that the Lord chose one such as Ether for the task of being the final Jaredite prophet, and seeking a revolution, not of politics as one would suspect of one in his position, but of faith and obedience to God.

The final irony for me is that by so doing, Ether showed just how great a king he will be.