Having been a fan of the film for quite a while, I was quite excited when I managed to borrow the book and I have to say if you think the David Lynch film was good, you may or may not enjoy the book! 😀

The book has a subtle but distinctly different approach to the character of Paul. The film focuses mainly on Paul’s paranormal abilities (the wierding way – or the rather bizarre twisted version of it used in the film). The book, on the other hand spends most of it’s time in Paul’s mind as he sees the future, with plenty of brain-frying moments.

My favourite has to be when Paul and Jessica are standing on some random ridge in the desert and Paul remembers having been there before in a dream in almost exactly the same way. It’s almost exact because in Paul’s dream, Duncan was with them, but Duncan had just died a few pages earlier and the question is raised – what else has been changed? That question is never actually answered and that’s part of the paradox that Paul has to deal with in order to use his new found power.

The one thing I didn’t like about the book was the ending. Simply because it wasn’t really an ending. It’s not that things were left hanging (if anything, the cleanup was a bit too clinical – I didn’t really care much about what was happening), it’s just that it seems like Mr. Herbert didn’t really know how to end it so he just stopped writing!

Anyway, that’s a minor glitch on what is otherwise a hugely enjoyable read. Just be aware that several things in the book really aren’t like the film.