…but I couldn’t let today pass without at least notice on here. As it is I wrote a mammoth journal entry today (6 pages, by far the most I’ve written for a single day) and now I’m all self-analysed out.

I must highly recommend journal-writing as therapy, especially if you’re like me. My journal has allowed me to express the things I simply can’t tell anyone:

– A journal always has time for you

– A journal doesn’t get uncomfortable or try to change the subject

– A journal doesn’t pass judgement or give pointless stock advice
– A journal has the time you need to let you explain everything fully

– A journal doesn’t need to be reminded of past installments

Now I don’t intend to complain about anyone with that list (‘twould be highly hypocritical seeing as I’m guilty of all the above on a regular basis), just to point out the benefits that a journal has.

Just think of it as a private blog 😉