Lots of news outlets got excited by this one over the weekend (see here, here and here).

Seems women in the UK, or rather 46 women in the UK (how does a sample size that small consititute a useful reflection of anything?) think one-night stands are “immoral”. What does this indicate? I think the Times article describes it best:

WOMEN may well have come a long way since the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies, but research suggests that the enormous strides that they have made in the workplace have not been matched in the bedroom.

Sharron Hinchliff, of the University of Sheffield, said that the findings suggested that women’s sexual behaviour was still “problematised? by society, even though similar behaviour by men was accepted.

I take it then that we’ve offically given up on trying to tell men that sleeping around just won’t do, therefore it makes logical sense to just tell women that they were wrong all along. How post-modern. The encouragement of sexual irresponsibility is no longer about notions of freedom or equality, it’s about society being able to pat itself on the back and say “Look at the progress”.