Last night I picked up my brother from his flat as he didn’t have his keys with him (long story) and hence was locked out. As I pulled up I had Radio 1 on (The Lock Up if you’re interested) and hence some cheesy American punk-pop was on. For some reason I decided to announce it as he got in:

Me: The soundtrack for tonight is The Lock Up on Radio 1.

Bro: (non-committally) Ahh…very nice.

Me: Well, it’s either that or… <presses button for Radio 4>

<female voice says something inaudible, I turn up the volume>

Female voice: …so, please explain to us the connection between depression and pain.

<button for Radio 1 is pressed>

Bro: You couldn’t really have timed that any better, could you?

Anyway, I thought it was funny.

On the way to pick him up I heard the new single from Hundred Reasons, which means they have a new album, which is always good news. Seems they still have that inexplicable inability to write a middle section to a song that actually works, however. At least the song I heard suffered from it. Hopefully I’ll listen to the album sometime soon and I’ll be able to comment further.