A post on Millenial Star led me to a painting called "Add to Your Faith Virtue; Add to Your Virtue Knowledge". I'm not much of a visual art man despite my sparse sketching efforts, but I really like this piece, mostly because of it's reliance on referential symbolism.

I find that by and large most gospel-based art does nothing for me. While I appreciate their use as visual reminders during lessons, there aren't many pictures that I consider to be more than the sum of it's parts. The good ones that spring to mind are among the 'official' Book of Mormon illustrations (Samuel the Lamanite, Christ's initial visit to the temple at Bountiful, Mormon keeping the record). To me, they don't just tell the story, they give life to it; the painting of Samuel on the wall captures the chaos of the scene well for example.

I'd be interested in any good gospel-art tips you may have.