I should probably relate what happened afterwards, eh? (see the previous installment)

The phone call ended with the suggestion of meeting the company on an informal basis to discuss the position. That meeting was on the Friday, and what struck me was how similar the job was to what I did in my placement year, namely system integration.

From the company's perspective however there was a problem. I'm not sure that's what I want to do with my career, and it's going to involve a large amount of training. They don't want to pay for all that on someone who's just as likely to leave after a couple of years to do something completely different.

My dilemma is thus. My dream job is circuit design. I want to make something that does something. Trouble is, trying to get a design job is difficult when you have a 3rd and your final year project was entirely software based and none of the projects you undertook at uni actually worked. It's hard to convince someone to take that kind of risk on me (especially when I find it hard to convince myself that they should).

I have another interview coming up next monday for a test role. I'm thinking this may be the best option. It's hands-on work (where I seriously lack experience), testing involves circuit analysis (which is an essential part of design) and often requires collaboration with the design team. It's also better paid than what I'm doing now (which unfortunately is becoming an issue).

Let's just hope that I'm right in that assessment and that the company agrees.