Here's the gist of the story. A postal worker is threatened with violence against his family unless he steals credit cards travelling through the sorting office he works at. He does so, the gang spends nearly a million using the stolen cards and he gets an almost 2-year prison sentence.

I suppose the obvious question is, why didn't he tell the police? I can think of one big reason why he wouldn't have done, and that's because he didn't believe the police would a) have done anything or b) actually be capable of protecting his family. Put yourself in his place. Do you have sufficient confidence in the police that they would be both willing and able to act?

One confusing part is that he admitted stealing over 100 cards, but over 3,000 were stolen in all, and yet none have been taken since his arrest. Either he's lying about how many he personally took, or others were involved who managed to stay undetected and are, I assume, still working there. Nice and secure, no?

And just in case you hadn't picked up on it, the last sentence in the article about Chip and Pin is utterly false.