During a very slow day at work I was reading one of the random magazines that we keep getting, and I saw an article about InfoCard, which at a cursory glance looks suspiciously like .NET Passport 2.0, but really isn’t.  Honest, guv.  The article was a little out of date for something published this month(!), considering that InfoCard is actually no longer called that, but the concept is extremely intriguing.  I highly recommend reading the article ‘The Laws of Identity’ to get a feel for what the project is aiming at.

To be honest, this is something that absolutely positively must be gotten right if the internet is going to become as universal as it thinks it already is. The problem at present is that the current methods of dealing with identity simply don’t work in a way that’s reliable, trustworthy or user-friendly.

It’s encouraging to see Microsoft involved so deeply in a project resulting in fully open standards (concurrent Linux/Apple/name your flavour implementations are also being developed right now).  This is something I’m gonna try to follow more closely in future.