It’s Christmas Day.

It’s some ridiculous time in the morning, Santa’s been and gone.

Except he hasn’t because I’m not done wrapping, or tidying up, or preparing the emails dad wants to send when he gets back from work with certain family members singing.

Anyway, as I was getting the files ready for ‘publication’ I had a listen to a song I recorded at my brother’s house many moons ago (September 2003 to be precise), and written at some point in the first half of that year while I was at Uni. It was a struggle to write it and it’s been a struggle to write anything else since!

Anyway, I can never really make up my mind as to whether I actually like it or not. There’s some good bits but then there’s the fact that my voice sounds like some bad Will Young impersonator with a cold in the morning. Or something like that.

But yeah, have a listen. Incidentally, I perform guitar and vocals. Drums and Bass were programmed by my brother.