I used to ‘get’ Valentines’ Day. Seriously, I did. It was all about giving me an excuse to let certain special someones know how I actually felt about them, because I’m otherwise too idiotically petrified to do so, or too embarrased or some other such stupidity.

There’s a side effect to this though. It creates a habit of saving self-expression for special ‘moments’, and this, I have discovered, is simply counter-productive. Partly this is because such moments don’t actually exist. If something vaguely romantic coincidentally occurs at that time, it’s a bonus, but you can’t plan for it, and it certainly won’t be what you expect.

There’s also a far more practical problem with waiting. When you’re busy planning you’re perfect moment, what you are actually doing is:

1) Delaying the inevitable. Your little scheme is not going to change her mind, whatever it is.

2) Leaving a window of opportunity for someone else.

So get on with it and ask her already, V-Day or not. Better to have to deal with real rejection than false hope.

[and yes, I realise I actually just missed V-Day by about half an hour…]