Howdy folks. What calamitous event provokes me to blog, I hear you cry? Why it’s my new computer and the epic story of setting up Windows Vista!

As this the second time I’ve assembled a computer from scratch, putting the hardware together didn’t take too long to do (about 7 hours which included being distracted by an ordered Chinese takeaway and the film Deja Vu which was quite good as time-travel thrillers go. Didn’t avoid a temporal paradox at the end though.)

Even the basic install of Vista was painless, after I realised that I’d installed to the wrong partition! Nope, up to then everything was peachy.

The first problem was that the drivers that had come with my wireless network card weren’t vista compatible. Normally that’s not a huge problem because you can just go online and find some, except if it’s your network connection that’s not working, then you can’t do that. So I had to go downstairs to my parents computer to use that to find the drivers. Cue much confusion as my particular card – the D-Link DWL-G510 – has no official Vista Drivers and if their website is to be believed my C2 hardware revision of the card doesn’t even exist.

Much googling later, discovered that my particular version uses the Ralink RT61 chipset (my old computer had a Ralink card and they work nicely once the drivers are sorted). Sorted. At this point I started installing stuff, although I didn’t get far until I hit a couple of blue screens, but that’s a story for another time.