Yesterday I got back from the National YSA Conference. Most of the hard reporting will be done by Saxon (required reading); I’ll just add clarifications and stuff where I did my own thing.

The whole calling Saxon at the last minute came about because Elmlea (the Meadeling) had originally suggested going up in her brother’s car and said she would let me know whether that was going work (they’re on holiday at the moment, so there were question marks over whether they were going anywhere near me). Only problem was, she never did and hadn’t mentioned it to her brother who could have told her the car was already full! When I finally discovered this, and also discovering that pretty much no-one else was going from my stake, I needed a plan – and that plan was Engineseer! And the rest, as they say, is a blog post.

The dancing was not line dancing! They called it Country Dancing, but looked suspiciously like Barn Dancing to me. Didn’t do much of it as I was busy being undefeated at Buzz, but it was fun when I did get doing it.

My Saturday morning activity was Graffiti (or Writing as the guy leading the class tried to drill into us). We had to do some Writing (photo pending) and then perform a dance/rap (for the record, I beatboxed).

Engineseer has a good story about It’s a Knockout – hopefully he’ll get round to telling it.

It was at this point that I lost my keys for the first time. And got very bothered as I tried to retrace my steps around It’s a Knockout, only for someone to look at the sidelines and see that they’d been thrown to the edge. Shortly after that during lunch I lost them again although they were quickly handed in. I doubt I’ll live that one down.