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After lunch was Ultimate Frisbee, which was great, even if we were a rubbish team! Only other downside was one save which resulted in my glasses giving me a graze on my forehead. It looked worse than it was, but that was the problem, I definitely don’t look good in a scar! :-s

The ‘colour group’ activities ended with ’50 first dates’. It was billed as Speed Dating without the cheese, essentially by having activites to do. Problem was, most of the activities were pretty cheesy! The only exceptions being telling ghost stories under a table (yes I know it sounds bad, but I enjoyed going into Peter Cushing mode!) and chocolate tasting (a gourmet activity if ever I heard of one).

There were dance classes before dinner: Swing or Ballroom. I did Swing, which seemed a lot like Ceroc, only in 3-time rather than 2.

Which leads us to the Ball.  Cinderfraggle got to go to it this year, which was nice. He even did some dancing (and yes Saxon, it was at this point that I started having delusions that the weekend might be profitable!).  Strangely enough, the thing I remember most was the way a certain arm rested on my shoulder during a slow dance.

It was a tired, happy Fraggle that went to bed that night.