One of the ways to get me really excited is to tell me that Copeland are releasing a new album.  I honestly think Copeland are ridiculously underrated; they’re one of the few groups who can actually deliver a sonic landscape that you can explore at will.  My sanity has been saved on more than one occasion by popping on some Copeland and just having a lie down! 🙂 My one reservation was that their last album ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’ at times felt disjointed and lacking in direction.  From what I’ve heard of the new album so far, it seems they’ve worked out where they’re going with the new sound and it’s sounding very nice indeed! The link above (their homepage) should give you some sample tracks from the new album.  It seems they’ve taken all their old sample tracks down, which is a shame, as their back catalogue is definitely worth looking at.

There’s only one problem now – when’s it being released in Blighty?