Carrying on from my thoughts on land, it’s struck me that it’s such an earthly concern.  The Lord didn’t say to Moses “I do a lot of stuff, but I have to be careful in case I clip Bob’s hedgerow by mistake.”  He said “my works are without end…for they never cease”.

It’s one of the strange contradictions of this mortal probation that is intended to help us prepare to be like Him.  His works are eternal and infinite, yet we live in a bounded sphere, and must learn to share what we have.  He must execute judgement (Eternal judgement at that), yet of us it is required that we forgive all men.

He says to me “One day, my son, all this can be yours”, but he also says this to you and to everyone else.  Everything can be everyones.  I can’t even begin to fathom how that works.