[I’ve discovered why I struggle to write about personal stuff.  It’s to do with the finality of publishing.  Once it’s out, it stands alone ready to be ignored or belittled.  Every mistake and weakness out there on full show.  I have to be bigger than that though, ’cause I’m about done with hiding.

This is probably gonna cause a bit of grief…]

(Originally intended as a song – hence the directions)

I don’t know what it is you think you see

But I promise there’s so much more to me

See I’ve been ‘Work In Progress’ from the inside out

Soon I’ll spread my wings and prove what I am all about



But if you give up on me now

What would I have gone through all this for?



You don’t have to say that you’ll be mine

While there are others on your mind

Just say that we’re not done

Just say there’s still a chance


It’s true I haven’t been the one you always wanted

But I’m moving my own soul to try to reach

Out the steady hand to draw you in

Show the man in here who could love you all your life





I know it’s hard for you to see

But I believe the future’s bright

I just need you to look at me

With the eyes that I have gained tonight


<Last chorus – quieter>

You don’t have to say that you’ll be mine

Just say I’m still on your mind

I’ll become your everything

Just say there’s still a chance…