Here’s a joke…

A bus full of ugly people met an accident, all of them died. Before entering heaven, they have given one wish, the first said: “make me beautiful” and it happened. The rest followed the same wish, when it came to the last person he was laughing. The voice asked him: why are you laughing? what is your wish? The last person answered: make them all ugly again!

So what was your reaction?  Did you laugh?  What was the next thought that crossed your mind?

I bet it was nothing like mine….

Wow! Isn’t it weird how the order that the wishes were granted affected the outcome?  You know what would make the joke funnier? Making it so that after each person said their wish to be beautiful, nothing happened.  Then when the last wishes for them to all be ugly again, it would be funny because the joke’s about causality.  That would be awesome!

There really is no hope for me….