It’s hard for me to get excited about the US debt crisis (except for the hilarous BBC headline that Apple had more cash to spend!).  It’s two people standing in a burning building arguing what channel to watch.  If it wasn’t tragic it would be comedy.

It’s a classic example of the false battle between left and right.  The left sees a problem, a disturbance in the force, but the only thing they can think of to redress the balance is to take the results of peoples hard work and try and work out who needs it.  A kind of enforced charity.  The right, meanwhile, bleats that if only the left would stop trying to enforce charity, the rich would do it themselves and the disadvantaged would find plenty of voluntary charity to soothe their plight.

Trouble is, as a wise man once said:

“Charity can only palliate present suffering a little at the risk of fatal disease. For charity cannot right a wrong; only justice can do that. Charity is false, futile, and poisonous when offered as a substitute for justice. This is the fatal taint that runs through all the efforts of the rich and influential to aid the unemployed, with which our newspapers now are full. Like the gatherings of clergymen called in Chicago by Editor Stead – blinded leader of the wilfully blind – their spirit is that of men pretending to look for what they are determined not to find; of men, like those of Moscow of whom Tolstoi tells, willing to do anything whatever to help the poor – except to get off their backs. “

The politicians argue over how much should be taken/given (and by whom) in order to pay for x or y,  never asking why in the world x or y is needed in the first place.  Something caused that need.  Repair the cause and the need will vanish.  Otherwise, you’re part of the problem, get out of the way!