I’ve been very tempted recently to delete one of my previous posts, of which I am now well and truly embarrassed.  The form is clunky, the function is foolishness and the message is borderline childish.  I must, however, absolutely resist that temptation.  I hate mistakes with a passion (I clearly remember getting upset several times in my last year of lower school when I didn’t get 100% on a maths test – especially if my best friend did!  Yeah….I’m a really good friend…), but what I hate more is other people knowing about them.

Nevertheless, to hide my mistakes is to hide *me*, and I’ve become far too effective at hiding myself.  You cannot truly love a thing a that is not revealed.  Which means if you are not revealed, you cannot be loved.  The best you can achieve is owning a facade that is loved, but that is not actually you, and thus leaves you unfulfilled.  Indeed, don’t be surprised if you find yourself resenting someone for loving the facade instead of you.

I have a long way to go.