You might claim to have the facts, but the truth is true no matter how you act. (Idlewild – If it takes you home)

A few science v religion flamewars that I’ve come across recently have reminded me of something I learned about a year ago, and that’s that matters of faith are not related to matters of knowledge, at least knowledge as we understand it.  You can argue about whether a particular thing is true or not until you are blue in the face, and it won’t matter a jot.  Truth is not true because of the arguments employed for or against it.  It is simply true.  Our efforts to discern that truth are necessarily flawed, but I’ve reached the conclusion that it is precisely that ambiguity that enables God to accomplish his purposes.

I am increasingly convinced that when judgement comes, what will matter will be not the individual actions, thoughts etc, but rather our character, and character is something that can always be both strengthed by the workings of the Spirit, but also stretched, whether we understand the gospel or not.  It is why there will be many outside the gospel that will find themselves exalted and many within it that will find themselves abased.  It is in those times of stretching our hearts (rather than our minds) that the adversary finds his opportunity.

At all times, God seeks to enlarge our hearts, and that is not a pleasant process.  It is the ultimate abandonment of the comfort zone.  We’re not just doing something we’re not used to, we’re being something we’re not used to, and no matter how far we go down that road, the temptation will be there to say “It is enough!”.  We must necessarily go through times when we don’t see the point of it all (and I don’t mean weeks and months), in order to see the point of it all.  It will be the choice, made at total emotional and spiritual exhaustion, to go one more step, that will make all the difference.

Then we will know the truth for it will be in us.