The best way to survive a nuclear blast is to be somewhere else. – Health Physics Society

The short short version: All taxation has an area of effect, yet we typically choose to stay within it.

Ever wondered why so many people say “If the government taxes me any more, I’m leaving the country!”, yet so few actually do?  The simple fact is that we want to be here.  This could be for a variety of reasons: work, family, friends, familiarity, the weather (apparently), you name it, but ultimately we want to be here so much that we’re willing to pay people good money just to make it possible.  We’d rather pay the money than move somewhere else.  Of course, there’s only so much money we can, or would pay.  When it comes to where we live, move and have our being, everyone has a price, above which they will not pay but rather move away.  Hence the mantra.

So how does tax relate?  Tax is sometimes justified as the price we pay for a civilised society.  If we want to be in civilisation we will pay the charge, and indeed, millions of us do pay to be in this civilised society.  If we don’t want to be in this society, we are free to leave.  We could go somewhere that the taxes are less onerous, but we stay; and we pay.

If we’re willing to pay it in Income Tax, National Insurance, Corporation Tax and VAT then, as long as the benefits are the same, we’re certainly willing to pay it in rent instead.