She’d feel alone in a crowded room, cry when she heard a happy tune

Levellers –  Julie

Just came across this and felt compelled to say something.

(Hi, btw – long time no see, I know)

The thing that strikes me is just how little I identify with what he’s talking about.  When he’s talking about people texting while driving because they’re so terrified of being alone, I simply don’t get it.  To me, being alone is liberating.  When I’m around others, regardless of the setting, I am to an extent no longer me, but rather a fuzzy logic social navigation machine.  It takes all my concentration and energy to simply be part of the room, to try to comprehend the closed books I see before me.  That, to me, is loneliness, always treading water simply to connect at the most rudimentary level with another human being.  When I’m physically alone, I have the universe with me.  Things that are, things that were, things that will be.  And the books are open.