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If you are the person who found this blog using the search term ‘lord fragglegate’, I would LOVE to know what in the world you were actually searching for, and more importantly, did you find it?  I tried that search and got nothing meaningful…


and I’m five years ago…

Well, today is This is My Chaos’ 5th birthday!  Certainly doesn’t feel like 5 years ago that I started this blog.  Decided on a spring clean and a new look.  Long may it last 🙂

I had an idea for the box on the right that says “About me”. Continue reading

…but now I’m going around deleting them! I’m just clearing up the stupid one’s that aren’t actually comments, just blatant plugs for their own blogs/viruses/whatever.  Kind of annoying.

After some fun with redirects (thanks to Donncha for a prompt response), I am here, bursting forth onto the vast vastness of the web.  I’m still working my way around here, so themes, categories, etc are likely to change.  Anyway, welcome to my chaos!